One of the best wrestling games ever!

User Rating: 8.7 | WCW Mayhem (Classics) PS
WCW Mayhem, made by EA, is the best WCW game ever (Not that there are many WCW games). Mayhem features over 40 different WCW superstars from all different factions, such as the regukar WCW, the nWo, and the Cruiserweight Division. There are a few different modes on this game, but nothing unusual. In Quick Play, a random match will be set up for you. In Main Event mode, you can customize your matc, pick your superstars, and play. The entrances on this game aren't very good, which is typical for a PS1 wrestler. However, the ring announcer and commentators sound very real, probably more real than most PS2 wrestling games, and their lines are all very life-like, and it gives you the feeling that they're really talking to each other instead of just saying random lines like most games do. In the CAW (Create-A-Wrestler) mode, you basically do like every other game and create your own wrestlers and put them up against the superstars already on the game. There are a few stupid parts in the CAW mode, such as creating an invisible or grided wrestler, but all in all, it's a pretty good create mode. The gameplay in this game is just awesome. It gives you a feel of what it's like to be a certain wrestler. For example, if you select a cruiserweight superstar, you'll be able to pull off high-flying, risk-taking moves. If yoiu choose a bigger wrestler such as Hogan or Kevin Nash, you'll pull off power moves using the same buttons you wuld use to make a cruiserweight do high-flying moves. WCW Mayhem is the first game to really get into that. Overall, WCW Mayhem was, and still is, one of the best wrestling games ever. Although the graphics aren't too good, you'll look right past that one flaw when you see the phenomenal gameplay and outstanding commentary.