A rare gameplay mechanic, makes this game worth playing.

User Rating: 7.1 | Samurai Dou 2: Way of the Samurai 2 PS2
Way of the samurai 2, is a game in where you make a samurai, and try to save (or destroy) a city called Amahara in th Edo period of Japan which is under turbulent times. You can play this game in any way that you see fit, from protecting childern from yakuza, to mass murder of the town for no reason. sadly though it dosen't live up to its full potential.

The gameplay consist of pressing the triangle & square to attack vertically & Horizontally. The different array of weapons really quite immpressive and you'll have fun trying to find the one that is right for you. The fighting gets really repetitive after your 100th battle, so you'll wanna try a new weapon every now & then to keep the game from getting too boring. While the fighting is fun the biggest part of the game is choosing how you play it.
The three major fractions of Ahmahara include, The Auto Gang, which are the resident yakuza trying to take full control over the town, The Magistrates, everyones favorite crooked cops, and you can always work for the towns people and protect the innocent. you don't have to work for anyone and can just do your own thing but to get most of the endings you have to choose a side.

The graphics are not bad at any rate, but they won't wow the world. The enviorments are pretty much all the same, and it's sad to say there is no real reason to go to any of them, except to do missions, and buy stuff.

The sound is average instrumental music that you would expect to hear in a samurai movie, lots of bells & chimes. It's pretty generic.

It has quite a bit of re-play value. Each time you complete a game ( which can take 20 to an hour) you earn points. The more points you have the more stuff you have to trick out your samurai, or sometimes they give you a whole new samurai to trick out. Plus the endings are quite rewarding.

I personally think this is a game anyone should check out, it's cheap if you're thinking of buying too. Way of the samurai 2 is worth a rent at least.