a Game Where u collect swords and fight samurai battles like in real

User Rating: 10 | Samurai Dou 2: Way of the Samurai 2 PS2
This game is much more lik monster hunter then a story.the game story is very short but u can end it like 10 different endings, u can do jobs in game as side jobs to earn money for upgrading swords and buying food and alot of things.in this game is the sword collection that keep u busy. There are over 70 swords and all can be upgraded.and samurai u kill u can collect the sword and there are some realy nice and special swords.all the swords can broke so u need to upgrade always the durability of the swords.each sword have a different combat style and moves can be learned,

I Recommend this game for who love samurai and who love to collect swords and upgrade them like in monster hunter freedom cos it will make u addicted for the swords and u will always want new swords its like pokemon but swords instead of pokemons.