I think this is the most underrated game i've ever seen at gamespot. It is a great game if u like samurai.

User Rating: 9.1 | Samurai Dou 2: Way of the Samurai 2 PS2
First u'll customize ur character. In the beginning u cant do much, but obviously ull get more clothes, more faces and more swords.
One of the things that most surprised me in this game was that each sword have ur own positive and negative points, like more combos, less combos, high attack, and other things.
The game is really short, but since there are lots of different options u can do during the game, every time u play, u can make the story different. So u can play many times the same game, but with a different line of story. U can give rude answers or kind answers. Its up to you, and what u want for ur samurai.
Really, i am surprised with gamespot and this score.