For $8 BUX - this is some ridiculous fun!

User Rating: 8 | Water Warfare WII
Pros - Super fun - standard wii graphics = not that impressive - bigger than expected arsenal of weapons and items! Pretty good level design and game options

Cons - limited to 8 players per game - no more than 2 players on console multi-player (would have liked to see four so that we could get that 007 golden eye feel!) - sometimes the loading time takes a little longer than desired.

I would have liked to have been able to have bigger teams but i can understand that they would have capped it off at 8 given the strain on the wii's hardware.

The discrepancy in types and power of weapons is pretty broad - for better or for worse.

Pistol - You start with a water pistol (useless - unless you want to get that coveted pistol kill - which gains you no advantage or extra points at all - just pride)

Dual Pistols - then you can dual wield pistols - still fairly useless

Sub machine gun - the sub-machine gun which is kinda like dual wielding pistols but with a greater distance

Machine Gun - pretty good for one on one skirmishes if you are good at running and gunning

Shotgun - not as powerful as i thought it would be but about 3 close range shots = a kill

Sniper rifle - high velocity, low rate of fire, above average damage per shot - great for picking off wounded soldiers in the distance.

Bazooka - shoots a big blast of water but takes has a slow rate of fire.

All these weapons - aside from the pistol - can compete with just about any of the other weapons in the right hands. Pick your favorite and get good at it!

On top of all that you can get rain coats, water grenades, umbrellas, water refills, and other special items to use against your opponents!

Another neat little insight to this game is that the items never appear in the same spot two matches in a row. So where the water grenade was the first time you played the playground, it won't be there the second time making it nearly impossible to poach and camp on all the best items and weapons.

Overall - definitely worth the $8 that you spend to get an online multiplayer fps that actually works and can be quite fun if you have enough players on the map.