by far the best wiiware game i've played and i hope after reading this you'll play it too

User Rating: 9 | Water Warfare WII
i must say i got really impressed by this game for starters you can customize your characters(eyes,hair color,hairstyles,clothes,large body or small,ect...)
the online is by far my favorite thing about this game i play this game almost every day and alot of hours(you can imagen the light bill and the games getting dust lol) ok let me start my review :D

gameplay:this game is by far my favorite wiiware game and favorite FPS to date take that call of duty world at war and onslaught lol anyway the gameplay is great and highly addictive this game has up to 8 players online(including you duh)for ofline you can play 2 player matches i would have liked 4 player but then again i dont have a spare 3 wii-motes and 3 nunchuks lol

theres 4 stages small stages and large stages(of the same stage)a total of 8 stages:

plaza(S)one of my favorite stages well my favorite lol but yeah it's basically a plaza which separates both teams by a bridge

plaza(L)a larger version of plaza(S)my favorite stage :D that's all i can say specially on assault mode

nature park(S)my least favorite stage simply because everyone can see you fast and thats not good(im a sniper in-game)

nature park(L)the large version duh i like it better IMO at least you can get some good sniping once in a while

beach(S)i like this stage good for sniping

beach(L)another of my favorites perfect for sniping IMO and basically a great stage

playground(S)a stage many people chooses i personally dont like it

playground(L)i like it better than the small version but people tend to be repetitive(hide in the trees)


shotgun is a great weapon

bazooka was my favorite weapon until i learned how to use the sniper rifle

sniper rifle my favorite weapon watch out you dont know where im hitting you from *evil laugh*

water pistol you start out always with this weapon it's pretty weak i tend to search for a new weapon fast

water pistol 2 i call it 2 because basically the same thing as the pistol but you can have 2 weapons at once(amazingly lame because this weapon is weak)

launcher a great weapon at the level of the bazooka

machine gun i tend to avoid it

sub machine gun i use it from time to time

sub machine gun 2 the last 2 wielded weapon a great combo IMO

well i wont spoil the items

music:pretty good nothing awesome

controls:very responsive and easy to larn

well that is it because i kinda made this in a hurry sorry anyway it's an awesome game and i highly reccomend it so get 800 wii points to get a great ofline/online game! im off to play it right now bye!