Water Warfare, a great game definitley worth 800 Wii Points!

User Rating: 9 | Water Warfare WII
Water Warfare is a First-Person Shooter that instead of using real guns they use squirt guns. This game was probably intended for younger children or people who's parents won't allow them to buy an M rated First-Person Shooter. This game is kind of average if you purchased it at a friend's house and you don't have an internet connection ,but if you do have an internet connection this game is very fun when your connected to Wi-Fi Connection. Sometimes when your using WFC and playing a Battle Royal Team Match the teams might not be fair. For Example: It may be a team of four against a team of three another thing thats bad about this game is the Multiplayer Mode if you plan on doing Co-op mode it won't work because in Two Player Mode you can never be on the same team. One more thing I don't like about this game is the lack of stages this game only has eight stages and there's only four different ones. (What I mean by that is that there's a small version and a large version of each stage.) The good thing is that it depends on the amount of players there are how the stage is arranged. Overall it's a pretty good game 9/10.