Which version of the game are people pre-ordering.

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I was thinking about pre-ordering the DedSec Edition of Watchdogs and was wondering what everyone else was pre-ordering and which pre-order they think gives the best value for the price we'll be paying


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I'm buying the normal edition. I'm pretty strapped for cash as it is and I only need the game, not the bonus stuff that comes with it.
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Oh I never meant it to sound as it does, I'm actually selling my guitar and amp (as I never use it) and some other stuff to fund my gaming hobby.

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Normal edition, just waiting of this game specially wardrobe of aiden pearce
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Don't worry, I wasn't having a go at you or anything, just telling you what I'm buying =). Speaking of guitars, I swear I have to learn to play mine some day.
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PS3 not made any plans of getting a PS4 until next year and the XB1 just sux
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Definitely the PC flavour as for which version depends on the price points and availability - I don't like to pre-order anything although perhaps this game is worth the midnight pick up :D
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PC only: just saw theres new edition out which is very cool. The DEDSEC looks interesting depending on how much it is, the map of Chicago would come in handy, and I like the badges but it would be better if it also included the cap and mask like the Vigilante edition. The Steelbook looks pretty good too, basic additions but still very nice. Still unsure at this point, but most definitely on PC.

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I'll get the WiiU version as it is my only console. I hope it's not too gimped.

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I'll get the ps3 version.

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ps4 version
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I prefer the normal edition only with the standard stuff and do not need new features. They are not that important as I only need to play the game and I can do it well using the normal edition itself.