Ubissoft, laughingstock of game development.

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Two words sum up Ubisuck:

1. Arrogant

2. Incompetent

Very questionable about how mid 2012 to late 2013 was all "game gonna be a next gen launch title" and "GTA V is soooo last gen" ans now 4 months after the delay they still can't narrow it down to a day.

2nd or 3rd Tuesday in June 2014. Wont be March, April or May.

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But Ubisoft has really screwed itself up right now. Wait to much longer and they start to bump up against coughDESTINYcough. Should be cool for comedy relief.

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Cut them some slack, I rather them release a functional, successful game coughAssassin's Creedcough than some ugly, poor quality game. You must make moves and sacrifices and you will appreciate it more once you play the game and realize they made the right moves.

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Game doesn't impress me visually, but the value does, as it's not some super short game, but rather large game with some depth but dont really know just how much yet, but it is the best out of the line up thus far.

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A lot of Developers said a year be for the release of the new consoles said that they wasn't ready for NextGen and needed more time but both Sony and MS released them any ways so it not the Devs fault. A bit on a different note but direct X 12 wasn't even ready for the Xbox one and PC s so yes the consoles where too early been released.

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Yea they said it had at least 100 hours of game play if you try to fully explore everything. The campaign i believe is 35-45 hours long. So there will be some depth to this game, i really don't see this game disappointing anyone, and if it does the worst the game will get is an 8.5.