UbiSoft.... Uh... Huh?

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So its one month before the day, you've been crowing about this game for over a year, and now suddenly you decide your 6 months behind? Just another butthead developer that thinks we are all stupid. They dont want to compete with BF4 so they hold it to the next quarter.

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And now the game will tumble into a never ending series of delays, each more incompetent than the last. May never ship.

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You guys really want to know the real reason for the delay? JJ Abrams is going after Ubisoft because he feels like the show is ripping off one of his tv shows called "Person of Interest". Due to the lawsuit or potential lawsuit, the game is getting delayed. You now know where to direct your anger. My source comes directly from someone I know personally who works on the tv show.

Once more people know about this, its possible he may drop his "charges".

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Good theory, but really I think its the fact that Rockstar (on last gen) made Watch_Dogs (on next gen) look dated. I think they would have delayed it not made it theb"OMG THE GAME OF THE NEXT GENERATION " poster child if it had been a legal issue.

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Um no thats a very legit reason. Remember mechwarrior online? It had huge funding at first the trailer came out and everyone eas wowed had amazing looking graphics, physics some awesome voice acting, but then some japanese prick decided it was ripping off of one of his shows I forget the name but he filed a law suit against pgi who has never made anything good in their life, I mean I bet if any of them are married it's some fat butt ugly lady, but anyways finally something that looks solid but due to the law suit and how long and costly those can be....now look at mechwarrior online....a cheap rip off of what it was originally supposed to be.