this game looks so good

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it was the best game of e3 this year in n my opinion. anyone else agree?
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Yes, looking very detailed!.... I think this is going to be a game to finally test my PC out :)

So this is a Ubisoft game... then are they using a new graphics engine for Watch Dogs alone? Or has/is this engine being used on another game? Any current Ubisoft titles as stunning looking as Watch Dogs yet? Can't be Crysis 3 engine cos that's an EA game.

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Expertly detailed!  This game shall bring even the beefiest of rigs to their knees perhaps?  We will see.  Danger City Approved!

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Ubisoft use a totally new Engine for this game, called "Disrupt"
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It is looking to be an awesome game with some more features. Ubisoft is really going to make it good for all gamers to increase the craze for these games and so we are going to get more than expected.