Watch Dogs 2 evolves in relation to its predecessor, is it going to have a 3 in the future?

User Rating: 8 | Watch Dogs 2 PS4
The Watch Dogs 2 hype was very low, since the first Watch Dogs disappointed many people (I found the game excellent), but Watch Dogs 2 surprised a lot of people, and the reviews were very positive of the public, but I did not find Watch Dogs 2 so superior to the first, but rather it is better than the first, one thing that should praise is that Ubisoft did not want to make a gigantic map, that would run from an empty map and without things to do, Watch Dogs 2 has a small map , But very good, with several things to do and a good variety in the environment, and the main highlight is that the map is very lively, people interact with you, they speak dirty words, praise you and sometimes when you take pictures they do Even pose for your self and this is cool, another thing is that you can interfere with them too, you can insult her, debauch, dance, praise, and etc, the gameplay has improved, but at the beginning is a bit confusing, but You get used to it fast, now you can hack everyone. The city, you can steal your money, see audio or messages, it had the first one, but it was not everyone who could hack, and you can also distract people, blow up the enemy's cell phone, and you can have the police arrest somebody Or even have a big kill her, you have a drone and a remote car, which helps you to get things that you can not access as a person, and also when invading a house of enemies use to detect enemies, the gameplay in the vehicle has improved And the missions are now better, are not as repetitive as the first, but some are longer than necessary, the characters are interesting, the new protagonist Marcus is very charismatic and fun, has his comrades, and they work , The chemistry of the characters is pretty cool, Watch Dogs 2 surpasses its predecessor, but is still far from the game that will compete with GTA V, but it is highly recommended. Note 85