Watch Dogs 2 | My First Review

User Rating: 8 | Watch Dogs 2 PS4

Watch Dogs 2 went from a dark, serious and revenge driven character to a fun, care-free and younger, Marcus Holloway who was wrongly accused of crimes he didn't commit due to CTOS' crooked system.

The game has been out for a month and I know I'm late but I recently finished the game last week. Everything from driving, to hacking has been improved from the first game. The open world feels much more alive, the characters have more personality. While the some of the missions feel like they're doing "just because" Watch Dogs 2 is mostly about being expose and truth.

While stealth mechanics are little flawed that's probably the only bad thing U have to say about other than Marcus can only carry three guns at once. But oh well.

Watch Dogs 2 is a great game, with a great soundtrack, fun characters and great sandbox. I would highly recommend this game and is worth $60. 8/10