Watch_Dogs 2 is a very shallow game

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Watch_Dogs 2 is a very shallow game

Since I haven't seen it anywhere else. I thought I would write something about it. I can't for the life of me understand why people think that the story in Watch_Dogs 2 is better than the first Watch_Dogs.

After playing both of them consecutively, playing the bad blood DLC and reading the book as well. I can tell you that this is by far the shallowest story when it comes to the series. Just about every mission played within the story feels like a group of teenagers or at the very least young adults who were lashing out at the system for the sake of lashing out at the system.

Good intentions aside. I couldn't even bring myself to kill any of the security in the buildings Marcus infiltrates. Because they were just doing their jobs and Marcus is the one who's Breaking into the building.

And I didn't like the idea of going in to a level, using a machine gun on every person in that level, and then having him celebrate in the cut scene about how good a job he did. That goes into a bigger problem, not only with this game. But other games particularly UBisoft games and gamers in general. As to why people like arrogant jerks as protagonists.

As opposed to a protagonist who is Stoic and do the same deeds for more honorable purposes. Which will be making a separate posting about. It wasn't until Horatio was killed. That I actually felt The story go to A deeper place.

But within a few missions you get some sort of justice for your fallen friend. And then he's almost completely forgotten about. I felt no deeper reason other than to create chaos within a system that was unfair.

It seems like the back-story that set Marcus Holloway on his path is more interesting than the story within the game itself. According to the wiki and according to the story in the game he's accused of a hi tech burglary he didn't commit. And he takes the fight to the people who accuse him and reveals their corruption.

Aiden Pearce's story was a story of failure. The Merlaut job, his nieces Death, and the fracturing of his family.

Redemption and finding a new path for his skill and techniques. Becoming the Vigilante known as the Fox. And solving the mystery as to why he and his family was targeted. There was so much written into that story.

And the ending was phenomenal. You fight your way to lucky Quinn. Only to realize he's behind bulletproof glass in a panic room. And you stop his heart by shutting down his pacemaker.

Then you find Damien Brenks. And have a Mexican standoff between Aiden, Damien and Jordi Chin. who would've made a much better protagonist in a sequel then Marcus Holloway.

How does Watch_Dogs 2 end? Spoilers you go in to bloom facility you Hack it. You come out and the bad guy just gets arrested by the police. After Marcus and Raymond Kenny Mock him.

The police run by somebody who was public enemy number one just mere hours before, to arrest the Antagonist.

An Antagonist who turned out to be nothing more than a yuppie, douche bag, tech Mogul. Who was by no means better than any of the Antagonists in the first Watch_Dogs. Not lucky Quinn not Damien Brenks and certainly not Iraq.

While the Dedsec hackers motivations were good. Their presence within the story makes it that much more hollow. The backup you had in the first Watch_Dogs game was Clara Lille.

And hers is the story of redemption as well. She was the one who tracked Aidan Pierce and Damien Brenks after The Merlaut job. And by doing so made him and his family a Target.

Whereas Marcus Holloways back up is just a group of teenagers/young adults who's reasons for doing what they're doing are as shallow as Marcus.

And the Dedsec that was painted in the first Watch_Dogs, I was under the impression they were going to be a more infamous group of hackers. What did they turn out to be? Exactly what Iraq said that they were.

A bunch of millennial 1%ers. At least the girl was. I never got the feeling that any of his crew ever tasted true desperation.

The next Watch_Dogs I hope Doesn’t play to millennials as much. It’s a trend that has been Blatant. It was in this Game and in the two Assassin's Creed: Last Descendant Novels that were just released.

They’re Not interesting. And they never will be.

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Thank you for useful information. About this game first time I heard from my friend and information found in this site: You explanation and describe is very good and interesting :)