More turn based goodness!

User Rating: 7 | Wasteland 2: Director's Cut PC

I love turn based games, it's probably my favorite genre. It took me about three or four times to commit to this game before I beat it. Wasteland 2 is about a band of men and women joining together to try and provide law and order to an nuclear destroyed world. This is a turn based RPG. You can make four characters or choose from four presets. Visually the game looks good. Putting everything on max settings, doesn't change much. But it's at least good to look at . Let's talk audio. Great job. I am a bit of a sound nut and I was a bit impressed with the focus on sound in this game. Especially all of the voice overs. Good stuff.

The game is fun but a bit confusing. Often, I had utterly no idea what to do next. Sometimes, it was a puzzle. Other times, I was just lost trying to figure out where to go. It is an open world game to an extend, but if you don't follow the story, you might die to higher level mobs or face more dangerous areas. That took a bit of the fun away, as I found myself hunting for tips online. Speaking of ruining fun, let's talk bugs. This game has a decent amount. They weren't game breaking, just annoying. There was a bit of corny elements added in. Mostly references to old stories and movies. They just felt a bit out of place.

So overall the game was fun. A bit annoying at times and I can't imagine playing it again. If you love turn based games, I can recommend this game to you. You might need a walk through guide to avoid frustration and some steady patience.