Futile Entertainment

User Rating: 6 | Wasteland 2 PC

After putting countless hours in this game I must voice. This game has all the ingredients to be a great game. Great Graphics, good story line, great character building. But, and this is a big But. Something is wrong. You will be brought in by the story and the game play, but the game mechanics, logic and lack of intuitiveness is enough to drive you mad. I find myself constantly lost in the story. No real agenda. Just scattered objectives that seem so hard to pin down. The endless monologue with NPCs seems to repeat itself over and over with other NPC's. The camera view is so frustrating with no real 360 rotations it forces you constantly move you party to get a good view. Weapon jamming is such a norm you wonder why you have gun smithing which does nothing for jamming. Endless useless dialog that does nothing but put you asleep. Finally, the story line seems to be hap hazard. If you miss something it seems to vanish if you attempt to come back to it. The healing system is also futile and subpar. You need 5 med packs just to heal a single party member. Really? I keep playing because I still believe there is something to enjoy. My final irritation was only to enter a town and lose my party member to call from home base. She then walks away unloading all her gear on my leader who then become burdened to the point of not moving. Really again? Try and try, I think I may be losing hope.