Waiting for Bethesda to sue

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I wonder how long it will take Bethesda to send in their lawyers to say this game is to related to their Fallout brand.

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Well given that Fallout 1 was a direct descendant of the original Wasteland game, I'm guessing Brian Fargo and Co. have every right to sue them right back. This is a sequel to a game years older than Fallout.
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All I can say is that the original Wasteland was friggin' awesome. Now that's oldschool. I had so much fun with that game I always had wished a sequel had followed. I had even bought the hint book because it was harder than hell. Kudos to those with enough talent to resurrect a favorite from the old PC days.

And man I hated Christina... lol

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Well they went after Mojang for them making a game calledd "scrolls" which is basically a combat card game type thing

so give it time maybe they will still try to sue -_-

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If they do, Fargo can sue them right back, and probably win. You do know that Fallout is basically a spiritual successor to Wasteland.