a virus programme called NEXUS has took over the North American Satelite Defence Agence and launched nukes Evrywhere

User Rating: 8 | Warzone 2100 (Ricochet Collection) PS
you (the Project) have been tasked to search everywhere possible for artifacts so you can help rebuild the world.
as the name suggests its in the year 2100, so nearly anything is possible.
you controll 3 teams:
Eastern sector - Team alpha (enemy is the new paradigm)
Western sector - Team beta (enemy is the collective)
??? (havent got this far yet -.-) - team gamma (enemy is NEXUS)

the gameplay is quite good, suits the strategy/RPG rather well, the sound could be plenty better, same with graphics (its a PS1 game, whadda ya expect ?)

when you get the hover propulsion i notice 1 or 2 glitches, the main one being cyborgs can walk through them! (on airzona 12 i think)

The improved senor (CB turret) can be mounted onto a tank and onto hardcrete, however on hardcrete it doesnt look right, its still the basic sensor. why that is i dont know

another thing (it could just be my game/controller) NONE of the cheats work, which if you are in a tight squeeze then doesnt help at all

all in all its really worth the value and i would reccomend it to anyone.
(if you can help me, im on urban 4 and i really need help, im low on power and cheats dont work -.-) them PM me please!!