The BEST Opensource RTS out!!!!

User Rating: 8.7 | Warzone 2100 PC
I was looking around net looking for some more Opensource games to download and came across Warzone 2100. Checked out some screenshots and downloaded it to give a try, and this game turned out to one suprisingly addictive RTS game!
The sight and sound on the Opensource version may not be much at first (compared today's RTS selection), but the gameplay IMO is what makes Warzone 2100 so addictive. It feels like C&C mixed with Z:Steel Soldiers in terms of the basic gameplay control setup, but what I find makes this so unique is that you can "Design" (Create and Name) your own weapons (being vehicles) using a reasonable selection of components.
Bottom line...

If you're looking for a good RTS on the Opensource market... This is IT!

Here's the url where to get it...