Still love getting the guys togther for an all nighter!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Warzone 2100 PC
As old school as this game is compared to all the new graphics and whatnot, it is still fun to play. I wish that Pumpkin Studios would have continued supporting and developing the WarZone series. Fun to play with plenty of ways to dominate your competition. Whether you like the vehicles or pounding the crap out of your enemies with endless artillery, fire, its always fun to watch a base BURN!!!

The single player campaign is challenging and offers rewarding gameplay, but the game truely shines in its multiplayer experience. Grab some Dew and a bag of Doritios! Once you start, its hard to stop. Usually the only thing that puts a end to long nights of blowing each other to nothingness is our wives complaining that we have stayed up way to late . . . if only they would join in. Then, they could come to know what so many already do - WarZone 2100 rocks!!