Open Source + Awesomeness= Great Classic!

User Rating: 9.5 | Warzone 2100 PC
This is one of the best RTS i've ever played. I played it back in the days, and when I found it out in the net, I knew I had to get it. The Warzone Ressurection team did a great job so far, fixing bugs and allowing people to get the game and enjoy it for free. The costumization is one of the best concepts I saw in the last few years, and of all games I've ever played, Earth 2150 was the only one that approached that idea. You really feel proud when your heaviest forces wipe the enemy out, especially a batallion of Heavy Cannon Tiger Tracks :)

So, i say it's a good game to play, and some new additions to game, (New AI, still in the BETA version 2.0) makes the game even more promising for the future.

The thing is: The timer takes away some of the fun...

Another good thing is the artillery assignment to a sensor, allowing it to fire with help from the sensor. That comes in handy when attacking or defending (although defense with indirect fire isn't THAT effective, IMHO)

About the multiplayer, it has some fun things, like the super-heavy bodies (won't spoil them here! :D) and the fortresses. (BIG fire power, i can tell you that.)

Last but not the least, the weapons. The wide arsenal in Warzone 2100 allows for different strategies for the same situation, using different weapons. Need to shred Cyborgs? Assault Guns will do just fine. Tanks in the way? Just blow'em with the Heavy Cannons or with AT rockets!

So, you've got to try it. I think this was one of the best games out there i've played, although it won't compare to a generals or Red Alert 2. Then again, they are different concepts, though.