The editor is too harsh, and lack of spirit of entertainment. It's a great game for light user.

User Rating: 8 | Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin PSP
You couldn't imagine how popular Warrior Orochi 2 is in China. For instance, my GF's favorite game is this series.

Of course, you may say the gameplay is repetitive and dull, the graphics are dated and ugly (is that true?). But you can't neglect the fact that so many peaple love it. Actually I don't appreciate this game, but I still feel 4.0 is unfair and the editor is too harsh.

WO2 have much more enemies slaughtered by you on the screen than WO1 did. And the backgroud of the battlefield is improved, in which your sight is farther. As for the graphics, on the contrary, I think it's awesome. That is called culture difference. By the way, Borderlands is a hot game resently, but I consider it really has an ugly graphics. Haha...

Oh, I forget the gameplay. You should say it's easy instead of dull. Someone who loves action games or just looks for some excitement are actually not good at it. Then, you despise hin and tell him:" Hey, dude, why do you wanna play games?" Well, I konw that you're ready to go to the hell. :)

If I were you, I may tell him "why don't you try WO2 ", meanwhile, I despise him in my heart, haha....