A somewhat enchanced version of Warriors Orochi 1

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Well,either way,you might as well get the Console versions since the PSP version ought to be compressed in multiple ways.

The Gameplay of Warriors Orochi 2 is still the same as before.The switching of 3 Characters and what not.However,there are several new features.For example,when your HP is low,you can press R1 to use Triple Musou Attack.It involves all 3 Characters using a very powerful attack at the expense of the Musou of only one character.There is still the Abilities,Proficiency and Level System.Abilities are passive skills you can equip in a slot for enchancements of your Characters,Proficiency widens your character's movesets but Level seems to do the same as well but Level also increases your character's parameter.There is still a Character Growth system of which you can use points to level up your character and a Weapon Fusion system that allows use to fuse weapons.However,there is also a feature that allows you to make special items out of Treasures to fit into Weapons.There is still a total of 4 Weapons per characters and there are more Costumes to wear,not only just the previous lame change of colour scheme.There is also a slight change in the move sets and there are two new typical Officers for Orochi.The previous ones are seemingly to be Technique types but the two new types are Strength and Speed types.

In most Free Mode / Story Mode Missions,there are Treasures involved as prizes if you fulfilled certain requirements rather than Characters unlike before.These Treasures are needed to get special items to fit into the slot of your weapons.

There is the Story Mode,which includes Orochi,Samurai,Shu,Wei and Wu.Samurai,Shu,Wei and Wu are sequels and Orochi Storymode seems to be a Prequel.So this is pretty much a combination of Prequel and Sequel.In Free Mode you can replay all the Story Modes you already finished.Note that there are only around 7 or 8 Missions for the Story / Free Modes per Faction.There is also a Dream Mode of which you play Missions that involved unlikely Alliances and happenings or behind the scenes events.But you need to unlock Missions in Dream Mode via Treasures or by doing certain Missions in both Story and Dream Mode.There is also a Versus Mode,of which you can play Horse-racing,Tag,Tower(Basically a knock out match) and Elimination (It's like Tag but you can't switch characters) In Versus Mode your character's level would be unaffected.There is also a Survival Mode of which you fight endless streams of Characters (It's pretty much Tag Mode to be honest) and the characters get more and more difficult as you gain more victories.You can gain points for Character Growth and Weapon Fusion in Survival as well.In Options,you can choose Japanese voices as well if you dislike the English ones.

New Characters------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Other than the existing characters from the previous Orochi game,you get new ones.Note that the characters you start off with is also different,for once,you get to use Orochi straight off the bat.
The new Characters are...
Benkei - A gigantic warrior who is an avid weapon collector and claims the enemies' weapons rather than their lives.He have a set of bizzare moves.Appears in the Orochi series

Dodomekki - Simply one of the typical generals of Orochi.His moves are not unlike Fuma's.Appears in the Orochi series.

Fu Xi - A Mystic from the Mist Realm so his basically an Immortal.He uses a gigantic sword and has chosen Sakon to help him gather the 3 great Daimyos to fight against Orochi's remnants.Appears in the Orochi series

Gracia - Daughter of Mitsuhide.She wears a dress that is exotic to the lands of both Japan and China ( Basically,a Western Dress ) and she uses her fists to fight.She originates from Samurai Warriors.

Gyuki - Simply one of the typical Officers of Orochi.It uses a gigantic weapon to sweep it's enemies away.Appears in the Orochi series.

Himiko - A mysterious girl who uses two claypots to shoot beams.She also treats Da Ji like a sister and Da Ji seem to treat her like-wise,whether it's a trickery or not but it doesn't seem to be it.Either way,Himiko is a medium to revive Orochi and she appears in the Orochi Series.

Katsuie Shibata - A strong and towering figure.He uses dual axes as his weapon and originates from the Samurai series.

Kiyomori Taira - Apparently his corrupted and revived by Da Ji.However,the two doesn't work together until the last minute.This menancing figure uses beads as his Weapon and yeah well...he looks like a monk.He appears in the Orochi series.

Koijiro Sasaki - Well,a guy who wears make-up and a samurai hakama and kimino and looks like a girl with an eccentric attitude that is not unlike Zhang He is a force to be reckoned with.He uses a nodachi that uses a combination of magic and melee attacks.He originates from the Samurai series.

Matochika Chosokabe - A bard that uses...err..what do you call that instrument?Either way,he have the ideal of beauty like Zhang He but unlike him,he is much more manly.He appeared in the Samurai series.

Nu Wa - A Mystic from the Mist Realm.She worries over Cao Cao and Nobunaga,afraid that if they stray off from the path of "good",they would be even more capable than Orochi.She first appears in the Dynasty Warrior series.

San Zang - Urgh...You see...San Zang,in the legends and mythologies and history,regardless of which,should be a man.But...they turned him into a girl!Either way,she have a very naive attitude and is said to hold great "grace".Either way,she uses her sleeves to fight.She also came from the Mist Realm to find Sun Wukong.She also first appears in the Orochi Series.

Sun Wukong - Firstly,I have to say this.I see that some people call him Goku or what not and I'll clear this up.His NOT Goku.According to Chinese Mythology,his the Monkey King who is birthed from a meteorite.At first,he holds great mischief and wrecked chaos in the Heavenly Court.The Buddha punished him by squashing him beneath a large rock but San Zang is later to be freeing him from this Stone.Sun Wukong also later wears what seems to be a tiara so that San Zang could control him by chanting and the tiara would cause immense pain.Sun Wukoing became San Zang's disciple and followed him,later meeting Zhu Ba Jie and Sandy to find the scriptures they need in the far Western lands.Along the way they meet demons and what not.However,in Warriors Orochi,he seems to be punished and had seem to be imprisoned somewhere but he escaped to the Human realm to help Kiyomori as he seemed to be the one who freed him.He first appears in the Orochi series.

Taigong Wang - A somewhat cynical and arrogant but good natured young Mystic.He looks down on humans but learned much after hanging out with the Shu Dynasty.He uses a rod as his weapon and first appeared in the Orochi series.

Toshiie Maeda - Relative of Keiji Maeda.Unlike Maeda,he is a much more "honorable" type but also some what hot blooded.He uses dual spears and a katana as his weapon.He first appeared in the Samurai series.

(Can't type out his full name due to the accursed cencorship) Minamoto - Apparently a Samurai of royal blood.Either way,he is young and a gauntlet that releases a beam of light that is not unlike a lightsaber.However,he is also highly skilled and survived a battle against Lu Bu unscathed.He later helps the Wu in hopes of finding Kiyomori.

True History of new Characters--------------------------------------------------------------------
For those interested in this...read on. ( I didn't include all the new ones )

Taigong Wang - AKA Jiang Ziya,his a great officer and militarist and enjoys fishing.He also hates the King of the Shang Dynasty for his tyrannical ways and his favouring of his concubine Da Ji.He decided to come up with a way to overthrow the King and but he decided that he would need to be patient so he waited for the right time to strike.

Kiyomori Taira - A benelovent figure and leader of his Clan.He was also a general who worked with the Minamoto Clan to fight against a Rebellion.He also spared the lives of his opponent's sons but this act of mercy later caused his Clan's downfall.

Minamoto - When he was young,his elder brothers and father died in a rebellion.He later was later placed under the protection of Fujiwara.When he grown up,he became a skilled swordsman and defeated Benkei,a powerful martial arts monk.Benkei,impressed with this,joined ****.He soon later took part in a war against Taira with the relatives of his own clan.

Sun Wukong - (I written it in his character intro)

Himiko - A shaman queen whom seem to have shared some kind of connection with the Kingdom of Wei,despite the two countries' distances and warfares.However,her identity is complex since there are records in Japan,Korean and Japan of her personality and details.However,it is clear that she sent a diplomatic message to Wei for peace.

Benkei - His a monk skilled in the arts of combat and later joined Minamoto and became his right-hand man.

San Zang - Originally,San Zang is a man.He is under the mission to collect scriptures from the West and took in disciples like Wukong,Ba Jie and Sandy,whom all became very loyal to him.San Zang,however,is incapable of combat but his personality is that of a saint and he is keen to help all,even demons.However,this occasionally caused him to get into trouble as he occasionaly got captured by demons and vixens to eat his flesh as it was said that San Zang's flesh can bring Immortality.Of course,Sun Wukong always sweep these demons aside and saved San Zang with his junior disciples Ba Jie and Sandy.After the mission was done and finished but there are many different adaptations of the story but all of it have some of the same details.San Zang also have a pure white horse as his steed.

Gyuki - In mythology,Gyuki have different forms and shapes according to multiple folklores but they all seem to agree on it having a horned head.It is not unlike a Minotaur.

Bonus Content ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Not all charcters can be unlocked solely on doing all the Story Modes.
The Gallery of the Charcters that needs to be unlocked require only proficiency,no longer their levels nor weapons.
There is a Special Gallery that have 3 pictures.One of them needs you to clear all Story Mode,the other Dream Mode and the last one needs you to clear both on all difficulty.