Not the best of the "Warriors" franchise :(

User Rating: 2 | Warriors Orochi 2 PS2
It seems like there are many features, especially the fact that now you can play with characters from the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors series, along with exclusive characters from this game itself. However, that is not enough to make this game great.
It may seem fun and great when you start playing in the beginning, but in the end, you'll just grow tired of it.

In the beginning, it's slightly challenging, but after playing for maybe 10 hours, it just becomes WAY too easy. Characters level up super fast, chaos difficulty is super easy when your character is level 80+ (highest is level 99), some power up functions can make your character super strong (you can kill people in two hits on chaos difficulty, which is the highest difficulty setting there is), etc. The game just gets WAY too easy to the point where it's really boring. On top of that, once you unlock everything, there isn't really any point to playing this game anymore. All you do is replay levels which you can literally beat in less that 10 minutes (some even 5), and if you decide to just play Challenge mode instead, forget about it. There are characters that are just plain cheap so you can make yourself literally untouchable. Versus mode, just boring. It's difficult to explain why it is, but let me just say versus mode cannot make up for the boringness of Story and Free mode.

If you are a fan of the "Warriors" series, I wouldn't bother with this one. It just doesn't seem worth it. You are best by going with Samurai Warriors and anything after Dynasty Warriors 5 in my opinion