This game is a great upgrade from the original, these critics are too hard on these games.

User Rating: 8 | Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin PSP
I've been having alot of fun playing this game and it was worth the $18.00, to newcomers to this series if you want to play this game then don't let gamespot or any other critics who give Warriors Orochi 2 a negative score stop you.First, Warriors Orochi 2 of course, has 2 new features which are, new characters, and new game modes, the new game modes are survival, dream mode, and dramatic mode. First, let's start with the gameplay, it's the traditional dynasty warriors action that is still strong and still fun to play,there are times where the frame rate drops but it doesn't happen for very long,leveling up characters is a good way to make the three officers in your team more powerful.Second, the graphics, Warriors Orochi 2 is also avaliable for PS2 and Xbox 360, but it definetly looks and feels like a PS2 game but I wouldn't mind playing it on the Xbox 360, neither should you. Third, the storyline.Now the plot might be a little confusing to follow because it may have some loose plot holes in it, unless you played the first game.Audio, the music is always awesome in both of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchise, but the voice acting is hit and miss. Final Verdict. This game is a great update from the original one, but has some loose plot holes in the storylines that will leave you hanging, but that won't stop you from playing this wonderful experience.