Though a very very late review, I also agree that the editor that did her review on this game was way too harsh.

User Rating: 8.5 | Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin PSP
The game is just like any other Warriors series at first glance, but it incorporated more features, while the challenges part and whatnot are dull and so, the main game isn't, its an Action Strategy game. The action in this game is really good, considering that it is a "Hack-and-Slash" (or beat-em up) game, so of COURSE it would be a "button masher", and there are much more games like this. The graphics? The heck with graphics, this game proves that a beat-em up game can be fun and addicting, as well as challenging (in small cases) without the need of some "pretty" perk that are graphics, its a good game, good graphics are not necessary, it wont make the game-play any better. Its just one of those games where you can relax for a while and just hack-and-slash your way through enemies and such.

I seriously recommend this game as one play just for fun.