Warrior Kings Cheats For PC

  1. Cheats for Warrior Kings

    Just type, without needing to press enter, the following codes(they are not case-sensitive) for the desired effect:

    Effect Effect
    GIMMEGIMME Gives 10000 of each resource
    DOYOUSEE Reveal map
    MAKEMENAILS Tough mode (makes your units close to impossible to kill)

    Contributed by: konspirator 

  2. unlimited resources

    Open up my computer, open up (c:) drive, open up program files, open up empire interactive, open up warrior kings, open up saved, then open the save game of your choice. To access the file you will need to do so using wordpad (right click on file then go to open with... then click on wordpad). Next press ctrl+f, this will open up the quick search menu, next type "MOTHER" and press search. Scroll down the page (about 8-10 lines or so) until you find:
    There will be values next to them (1000 e.g) all you have to do know is edit them to 100000 e.g. If you followed this cheat right you will have unlimited resources. YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE A BACKUP OR COPY OF THE FILE SO YOU DONT DAMAGE YOUR FILE.

    Effect Effect
    food 10000 unlimited food
    gold 10000 unlimited gold
    wood 10000 unlimited wood

    Contributed by: benisalegend 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by M.Lo 139K

Warrior Kings: Battles Cheats For PC

  1. Password Cheats

    During gameplay, enter any of the following cheats:

    Effect Effect
    gimmegimme Extra resources
    doyousee Full Map
    makemenails Tougher Units

    Contributed by: eli0918