Warlords Battlecry III Cheats For PC

  1. Equipping any item for any item slot

    This glitch would allow your hero to equip any item in any available item slot in his inventory. This would allow you to equip helms on the boot slot or an accessory in the helm slot for example. Through this glitch you could equip multiple identical items, which you could use to your advantage.

    1. Open the Campaign of the hero you want to do this glitch with.

    2. Open his Item Stash to access his inventory.

    3. Click (choose) the item you want to replace or replace an item with.

    4. Press Esc to close the Item Stash window.

    5. Open the Item Stash window again, and notice that the item you clicked (chose) is still chosen. Now you can move that item around in any of the hero's equipment slots, with the computer ignoring the appropriateness of that item for that item slot.

    6. Click (choose) the item you want the item you chose to replace with.

    *The term is "REPLACE", meaning that the item slot you want to replace an item with should have an item equipped beforehand.

    For example, you want to put a helm in the boot slot, you would need a pair of boots in the boot slot to be replaced with the helm.

    In other words, you can't put items into item slots which do not have any items equipped with.

    This glitch would retain all the effects of the items. Although, I've noticed that the some bonuses such as "+x Damage" and "+x Armor" do not take effect if the item is not in its proper slot, but others such as "x% chance to cast xx" or "+x to command radius" still take effect. Use this to your advantage!!!

    Contributed by: Skater Sirian 

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