A nice strategy game that will keep you occupied.

User Rating: 7.3 | Warlocked GBC
Game Review-Gameboy Color-Warlocked

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Released: 2000
Developer: Bits Studios
Game Genre: Strategy

Not a very unique story, you can select either humans or beasts and follow their storylines. For the humans, Princess Azalea has ordered you to defeat Chief Zog. For the beasts, Chief Zog has ordered you to defeat Princess Azalea.

Very reminiscent of Warcraft™ for the computer. First off, grunts are sent to mine for gold and harvest lumber. The accumulated gold and fuel goes towards building farms (allow you to have more units), barracks (allow you to train warriors and archers), and guard towers (shoot arrows at approaching enemy units). Also in Warlocked are wizards. There is a random wizard in every level that becomes yours if you guide him back to the temple. Wizards differ in purpose, allowing different strategies to be used.

Like a typical tactical game, you control your units by clicking on them, and then clicking on the area in which you wish them to go, or the unit that you wish them to attack. Being a real-time game, rather than turn-based, hesitation costs dearly in some of the later levels, so learning quickly helps a lot.

Not flashy but not shabby either.

Definitely long-lasting, due to the fact that there are two storylines to beat. Also, linking up with friends unlocks new things. After each story battle, gold and units are accumulated, and those can then in turn be used in non-story mode battling. However, the game isn’t very replayable.

The sound is very fitting for the game. It has almost a medieval ring to it that makes you want to go stab some dragons in real life…

Also, Warlocked was one of the first GBC games to feature actual voices. When you command troops, they say things like “Yes, Master” and “Of course” and “Yes, Sir”.

Controls: It’s a real-time strategy game, so all the controls are done by pointing with the D-Pad and clicking either A or B.

Difficulty: Normal
The first few levels are a piece of cake, but about the 6th level, it gets insane. At that point, just raising 65 knights and sending them all at once has no value. Real strategy is needed, and each level can take up to an hour or more.