A portable RTS?

User Rating: 6 | Warlocked GBC
Warlocked is a portable RTS (real time strategy) game that lets you play with an Orc like race or a Human race. Both are very similar in terms of gameplay. The only difference between both races are the units. The Orcs have these super strong dragons which can kill enemy units in a flash. The Humans have these knights which are pretty tough.

The gameplay is similar to a PC RTS like WarCraft or StarCraft. You start off with a town hall and a few workers and you tell them what they should do (ex: harvest lumber or mining gold). Once you have enough resources you can build more buildings like houses or barracks. You can also train more troops once you have the necessary resources. You can also build town defence structures like towers to protect your town from enemy attacks.

To attack an enemy base you should be well prepared because some maps are not easy. In some maps you have a limited amount of resources and you have to beat an enemy that seems to be much stronger than you but, in reality if you have the right strategy you should be able to defeat them easily.

If you are a fan of RTS games you could like it but, if it is possible to try it out before buying it that would be the best thing to do. Then you'll know if you like it or not. I thought this game was OK but nothing to go crazy about. I think RTS games should be for PC only because it is easier to control your units with the mouse compared to the arrow pad on the Game Boy. This is not the worst game I have played on Game Boy but there are some way better ones too.