This game is CLASSIC!

User Rating: 8.6 | Warlocked GBC
I played this game back in 2000 when this game first came out and was hooked instantly. The graphics weren't the greatest and it ran slow sometimes, but the gameplay itself was classic.

Its similar to a Starcraft or Warcraft game, only with GBC graphics. You build houses and barracks in order to create sodiers and then you control your army in order to try and either take over the enemies base, or rescue your wizards. The wizards were a cool addition to the game, they allowed you to use magic against the enemy forces and cause major damage to their units. One of the cool and unique wizards was Pox wiz, he was disease infested and could cast his disease onto enemy units and then they would explode and it would spread to anyone around them.

All in all, this game was AWESOME! while the graphics weren't very good, the game itself will provide you with hours of fun.