Better than this? only if warioware 2 come out...

User Rating: 9 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
WarioWare takes you to a crazy world with cartoon animation , comic characters, and amazing use of the wii remote.
This game can be described with two words crazy and fun, every character have a non-sense story ( in one you are a ninja that need to go runing in some guys head to get luch to your master :S) that can only be completed if you pass the micro-games,while you play you will notice that the soundtrack follows the madness of the game in a perfect way, only four mistakes can be done be each stage, and after thar you will face a boss stage.
Start playing and sudenllly you'll be dancing , driivng , seving people that are faling from a bulding and many stuff
Sounds weirdo? cause it is!
The game may be all that good stuff but there are some problens also, the game is over very soon in single player and, the mini-games are very good or very boring, ( tower tennis, a mix of brick breaker whit table tennis s and example of very good , but shooting cans?boring...) but , thanks god thats not an obligation to finish the game, and theres and extra story after you finish all the city citzens storys that allows you to play with the nunchuk as well,
intresting? yes, but is only in this story... a game better than wario ware? only when wariowarie 2 comes out