Great show of the Wii and its controller but not a game for the long haul!

User Rating: 7.5 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
This was one of the first games I played for the Wii! Thats probably how I would recommend people play it as it shows off what the Wii can do very well.
The mini games are great but slightly repetitive. A lot of them involve moving the remote just slightly and you start to wonder if you are actually doing anything at all. Others make you wonder what the hell you meant to be doing! But the majority make you laugh or whoop in the joy that you have succeeded in your 5 second task.

Now the issue I have with this game which stops it getting a higher score is that I finished it with decent scores in 3 hours. To me that is a little short. Unless you are desperate to get some high scores then this game will seem pretty limiting to you.

Overall worth a play if you get this with your Wii but otherwise stick to the longer more impressive games.