yay warioware, you cannot own a wii and not get warioware.

User Rating: 9 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
at first i hated this game because i had other games that were more interesting but i got to a point where i decided it was awesome because it has such fun minigames. the controls are cool, using the wii remote seems so natural. the graphics...hmm hard one at first i hated them, they seem so in-your-face, but it eventually started to feel right. the storyline is short, but it wouldent work if it was longer or shorter, it would just be wrong. the multi player rules. It is just so fun, especially on survival with about 15 people or darts. some parts of the game are random but because of this, it will appeal to people of all ages. in the story you go around as random people from diamond city, doing random things (random seems to be coming up allot ). the music can get on your nerves and i eventually got a headache. but if you turn it of its fine.