Wow this is great!!! BUT TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 6.8 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
well i picked up wario ware in the shop and wasn't sure too by it or not so i took the risk. about 10 mins into the game i was in gaming heaven the mini games are so well suited to the wii controller. This game will have you in the middle of sword fights, Dance offs, some major retro re-do's and thats just to name a few.

The graphics are excellent very cartoony and well suited to the style and theme of the game.

Right now to the problem, as i said after around 10 mins i was in gaming heaven until around 45 mins later when a screen appeared saying "the end"
THE END what i just payed £35 for something that lasts for around 1 hour i have now forgotten how good much i enjoyed this game and i am now sorely reggreting buying it i mean c'mon nintendo this is ridiculous. and no the game isn't even that funny. If your reading this thinking should i buy this or not. i am a big fan of nintendos work but on this occaision i am saying no way is this isn't worth £35 so no don't buy this game