iT'S A Wii classic.

User Rating: 9.4 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
The wario ware franchise has got wario higher up in the status of nintendo he is now recognised with the big boys like mario and yoshi...thanks to this.

Well i must say before anything this game will make you look like a retard...not because you are doing strange things with your body but due to the fact that it will make you laugh so much.
This game is the funniest yet...the bits when the man descirbes the action with the remote is so funny and the cut-scenes are hilarious too.
The gameplay is well....genious nothing but it you will be flipping the remote to cook a chilli or placing the remote by the nose and making a nodding action to answer whether you are male of female....exactly wtf.
You will have to direct people to the correct loo and even have too push down on the remote to blow up a balloon.
One's too damn short al;though it has mass repley value its so addictive and you jus want to geta highscore and unlock everything single last bit of the game.
The graphics are well..wario ware graphics they are nothing but fanatastic.
this game is probably the best ive seen apart from zelda on wii and i recommend this IT IS WORTH THE £35.