Get ready for Warioware Smooth Moves you'll be addicted!

User Rating: 8.5 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
Warioware Smooth Moves

I thought that this game was excellent. It was very fun and the
game made wonderful use of the wii controllers. I bet by now your
thinking " Why is this guy saying such good comments on this game
and he's only giving it a 8.5?"

Well, I found that the game was too short. I played it for about 2
hours and I beat it. It was very fun it had good mini games and
the sprites were great but, the game was too short. I found that
very disappointing. If the game had like *Unlock minigames by
doing challenges* it would likely make me play this game more
then I do now.

Other then that, I thought it was it was very good. The multiplayer
was fun too. All that made me not give this game a perfect score is
because of the shortage of minigames.

Overall in my opinion this game deserves a 8.5