Wario-Ware Smooth moves is the craziest and one of my favourite Wii games!

User Rating: 8.5 | WarioWare: Smooth Moves WII
After I enjoyed playing Wario-Ware Touched in the DS I was sure that Wario-Ware Smooth moves would be equal or much better. And it was much better.
First of all this game is FUNNY. You will be smiling all the time when you play it and when a microgame is hillarious you will probably want to pause the game in order to stop laughing! And I think that is one of the biggest advantages of the game.
The story begins with Wario eating when a little thing appears and steals his donuts. Then Wario chases after it and ends up in a mysterious temple where he finds the form baton(wii remote). Then a rock is chasing after him and you start playing microgames in order to save him. When he gets out he looks at the form baton laughing(BWA HA HA!) because he got a treasure! After that you unlock other characters, like Mona the Cheerleader and Ashley the witch, each one with a unique and funny story. But the bad thing is that the story mode will probably take you only 2-3 hours to finish. But you'll never get bored of the microgames!
The gameplay is simple. You choose a character, watch a story video and then you start playing random and hillarious minigames, like skip roping,hula,picking noses,scrubbing a cows butt,removing nose hair etc. Each minigame has 3 difficulty levels. Before you start playing a minigame in the screen it tells you what pose you should get to play this minigame. Poses have names like "The umbrella, The Mohawk, The Elephant…". When you beat a specific amount of minigames the boss stage appears. If it is your first time playing that character when you beat the boss stage you see an ending video for the player. But if you have already played the character you gain 1 life and continue playing. By beating characters microgames you unlock new characters and minigames. It is really fun swinging the wii remote around in order to beat the microgames. I think that this game is really good because it actually uses the abilities the wii remote and generally the wii are capable of and it feels original. You won't find anything else like Wario-Ware Smooth Moves in any other console.
There is a big variety in graphics because there are lots of microgames each with a different style. Other microgames are 3d,others 2d and others have lame graphics. This variety really keeps the game from getting boring.The videos of the characters are in 2d.
The music is really entertaining and when you are playing microgames you would probably start dancing without noticing it. You just can't stay still in Wario Ware: Smooth Moves either you are playing microgames or not!
But the best thing about this game is the multiplayer. There are three minigames in the multiplayer mode like darts. There are also four different multiplayer modes which are really fun to play with friends. The good thing about the multiplayer is that you can only use 1 wii remote for all the players saving you the money from buying more remotes.
Anyway Wario-Ware Smooth Moves is an amazing game and it deserves to be in your wii game collection!