It's Impossible! It just dosn't work.

User Rating: 4.5 | WarioWare D.I.Y. DS

I spent nearly 2 hours making a game where there's music and you press two buttons to win. It has the worst graphics also. If I could actually MAKE a game, it would be okay but now I just program with Basic 256. The menu is horrible and the only things that you would like to have, aren't unlocked yet. This game shoudn't be 50 dollars even if it DID work. I haven't figured out how to download wifi games either. About a week after I bought this game I returned it but I only got 13 dollars. I was so mad. That is why this game is bad (I don't like Wario that much).


This game has a good training program and it also is at least POSSIBLE to make music. It is also kind of funny when Wario shakes his butt.

Wifi: 4

Graphics: 3.5

Re-do Ability: 3

Story: 4.5

Multi-player Mode: 0

Fun: 6

Completion: 2.5

Improvement: 5