"Do it yourself" like a pro!

User Rating: 9 | WarioWare D.I.Y. DS
warioware D.I.Y. is an amazing game!!! there's so much to do and it's all loads of fun!

story: dr. crygor has a dream of him playing a videogame and suddenly, all of the objects in the game pop out of the tv screen. dr. crygor wakes up and gets an idea. he goes to his lab and invents the most important object in this game, the "Makermatic 201". Wario appears and asks crygor to trade one of his machines for his broken TV. dr. crygor tells wario that it is not a tv and that the "Makermatic 201" can create the music, AI, and game! Wario then realizes that this is his big chance for making lots of money!

starting the game: the first thing you can do in this game is draw a monster for wario's microgame. to do more jobs for wario you can head to the job center to make more objects for his microgames! after you draw a monster, you can ship the microgame to your D.I.Y. game collections. after that, you can start playing some of the microgames that come with warioware D.I.Y.!

microgames: the microgames that come with this game are loads of fun, but there are not alot of them and you will end up repeating the same game because of how limited they are, but this is only a minor flaw as these microgames are only a small portion of the entire game.

tutorials: after you play some microgames, you can finally see a tutorial on how to make your very own microgames, which are taught by penny, dr. crygors daughter. if you thought the tutorials would be too boring for you, then do not worry because at the same time, penny will also be teaching WARIO what to do, and wario says some very funny lines so you will not get bored! these tutorials are so detailed that making microgames will be so easy once you see all of them! i already made 2 the first day i got this game! there are also tutorials in making longer music tracks and comics. wario does not appear in these, but they are so brief it hardly matters!

job center: here you can make more objects for wario's microgames. one of them had you hitting rabbits from holes, but since i didn't have to draw a rabbit i drew a monty mole (mole with sunglasses) and when it gets hit, i made it's head get squashed and sunglasses break!

making microgames: when i made my first microgame i ended up getting stuck, but then i finally knew what to do and since then, making microgames is pretty easy. the first microgame i made used a goomba and a hammer. the goomba is moving its legs up and down. when you touch the goomba the hammer smashes it. the second microgame i made had just a flashing bo-bomb (a bomb with eyes and feet that was flashing red) and when you touch it it explodes. you can also make music for your microgames. there are many sounds you can make, from an electric guitar, to a guy humming, to a putting yoshi, there's plenty of crazy sounds to choose from. the reason i'm not telling you how i made these is because the tutorials will do that for you. so as you can see, there's alot of different microgames you can make. the only downside is that you will probably end up making microgames that only require you to tap something.

music maker: here you can make your very own music track. there's not much to say here, because it's basically up to 24 mini sections that you use in the microgames, plus the tutorial will explain everything!

comic maker: here you can make your very own black and white comics. i haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet, but there is one huge downside to it... you can only have 4 pages! it doesn't ruin anything but it kinda sucks that you are so limited!

so overall, warioware D.I.Y. is a fantastic game that has so many great things you can do, and the only problems i had are that:
1. there are not alot of pre-made minigames
2. you will mostly end up making microgames that only require a tap
3. the comic maker is very limited

but there is so much to do in this game that these flaws hardly matter. this is a must have for any DS owner!