review 83 1 year special BATTLEUTOPIA Part 4

User Rating: 6.5 | Wario no Mori NES
"so classicgamejunk i see you are awake." be quiet Dr.Wily! "don't tell you're father to be quiet." so you are now in my trap classicgamejunk and i will get revenge on you for saying all the mega man games are bad including mega man soccer." well mega man soccer is a bad game. "SILENCE" "you will be tied to this chair
and play warios woods." that is not a bad game Dr.Wily. "PLAY IT!"
all right in fact i will review in warios woods you do not play as is tetris but with wario toad and that evil evil birdo from Super Mario Bros 2 which is really doki doki panic! this game is really like tetris 2 more than the first.i mean in tetris 2 you have exploding because well that is a other review if i get out of her alive.
SPIT! "why did you spit on me?" i didn't spit on you? "i spit it you."
who are you? "Yeah what my son said." "my name is solid snake."
"SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!" "ha you missed me snake and you're box friend!" "hey don't talk of my box!" "oh no he is getting away!" leave him snake i have to finish wario woods."why?"
i like in every level it gets faster and faster and faster and faster like red bull.BUY IT NOW! "are you done now." yes now time to stop BATTLEUTOPIA and kill Dr.Wily!