Fun game just like Tetris

User Rating: 7 | Wario no Mori NES
Wario woods is a un tetris like game were you got to play as Wario which was fun but not as fun as you may think but still good none the less. The gameplay was like tetris and you got to as Wario and got to use bombs to blast blocks away to get points and get to more levels. the levels played good and looked fun. The graphics were not the best on the NES. But this was a ok looking game. The bombs that exploxed looked good and so did Wario. The sound is fun and upbeat just like most of the games on the NES. This game is a ok game but alot of people will want to aviod this game. Yes hard core fans will want to get the game but please just don't go out and get it but just get Animal Crossing and get it through that game for free.