I have yet to find a puzzle game quite like this one.

User Rating: 8.6 | Wario's Woods SNES
Wario's Woods originally came out on the NES, but because of the system's end at the time of the release, it was also released on the SNES soon after. However, there are significant differences to the two games making the SNES version worth playing. What makes Wario's Woods different from the usual Tetris genre is that instead of having a cursor to move the blocks around or having direct control of the blocks, you, as Toad, are stuck in the puzzle and forced to move the blocks around by kicking, lifting, and jumping off edges to clear the puzzle. I think there's no possible better way to lose a puzzle game than to be caved in on by monsters and no better way to win than by blowing them up.

What also makes Wario's Woods unique is the type of monsters that are needed to be cleared. First off, understand that to clear monsters, you must have at least three monsters in a row and a bomb. There are monsters that will go when blown up on impact, but there are also ones that change color and require to be blown up again, ones that blink for limited period of time after being blown up and are required to be blown up again during that time, and some that you must blow up diagonally. Unlike the original NES version, there is a new mode called VS COM which pits you against computers. There are three difficulties: Easy, Hard, and Super Hard (Super Hard is accessible through clearing Hard). Though this, you battle against the computer to see who either clears his screen of monsters or gets boxed in first. This CAN get hard, but in my opinion, the real challenge is in Round Game mode. This is because as opposed to VS COM mode, the monster types after awhile are heavily mixed and stacked insanely high.

Overall, if you are looking for a puzzle game to get you playing in a different way, I would highly recommend Wario's Woods.