User Rating: 6.2 | Wario's Woods SNES
I picked up this game out of shear boredom and found a rather entertaining little puzzle game with enough variability to keep me occupied. Wario's Woods is an addictive puzzle game that differs from the standard 'drop piece in place' type of game. Rather, you control a mushroom character who moves around on the floor of the game pit organzing the blocks, which in this game are monsters and bombs. Gameplay: 7/10 A player can chose to play head to head against the computer, against another player, or play in storyline mode. In each case the game play is the same, and is rather original. Most puzzle games that involve dropping pieces require a player to arrange and drop the pieces. In Wario's Woods you arrange only after the pieces are dropped. In storyline mode, you travel through the woods as Wario occassionally vists you and drops more monsters on you forcing you to do more organzing. There is quite a bit of challenge to get used to all of the controls, as you can pick up whole colomns, single pieces, kick pieces and climb up stacks. The good thing, however, is that despite it's complicated nature, there is a decent tutorial ingame. Graphics: 6/10 The graphics are run of the mill in terms of Super Nintendo games based on the Mario series. There is nothing strikingly bad or good. Sound: 5/10 The upbeat music and occasional dark music when Wario is present provide decent background entertainment. But the music because quickly repetative and annoying. The quality is limited by the Super Nintendo system. But that is hardly a knock on the game. Reviewer's Tilt: 6/10 This is the kind of game that I would turn to when I have nothing better to do. It is entertaining enough. It is addicting like most puzzle games can be. And it provides a mindless way to pass the time. It is worth trying if for nothing other than it's original twist on the genre.