Another attempt at a Mario-based puzzle game

User Rating: 6.2 | Wario's Woods SNES
Dr. Mario was the premium when it came to puzzle games in the first couple generations of consoles. Tetris Attack was a successful SNES addition, but Wario's Woods tried to make the puzzle genre a little different, and it just is not up to par with the other game.

WW includes a cast of character from the Mario series, but not the Mario Bros. themselves. You have Wario, Toad, Birdo, Thwomp, and others. The game plays by running Toad around the puzzle board and lifting little characters to drop them on each other and match them up.

The problem with this game is that you have to play like a maniac to ever be as good as the challenging computer. It is really more trouble than it is fun and even the nice graphics and sound cannot save the game from falling below the standards of the other puzzle games.