awesome game of year worth playing on the snes system

User Rating: 10 | Wario's Woods SNES
this game well it pretty fun to play also the gameplay is a puzzle game the toad does all the work u have to get these littles Creatures that have color all u have to is match the same color that the Creatures match but the only way to finish this puzzle game is to when the fairy drop the a bomb if it comes out the same color as the little Creatures then u have have toad lift up one of the
Creatures to match it they will dissapper the game is like playing kirby Avalanche gameplay only this u have falling bomb's droping on your head there r other challages on this on the i play is round game & vs com i can't remember the time race game is i never play it yet round game is u have to clear off all the color Creatures before wario apper he cuts off your bonus coins points i never finish that game & vs com is like kirby Avalanche & dr. mario put together u have to beat your oppent before u get crush by this giant stone thing other then that this is worth playing this game