Wario's Woods is by far the best puzzle game you will see on the NES.

User Rating: 7.5 | Wario no Mori NES
This is seen today as something of the past, and something that made no real difference in the path of storylines and future games. This game, however, is fun, catchy, well designed, and it's uniquely challenging in a number of aspects. Wario's Woods may not be the Big Bang of gaming, and it may not be the best game that the NES had to offer. Heck, it may not have even come close. But in terms of puzzles and the like, this game does it beautifully, and on a console that didn't have as many features as the next-generation consoles have.

You start off with Wario above you on your right, and he's throwing things down at you and trying to make you loose. Winning is easy the first few rounds, but it becomes progressively harder as you go along, which makes perfect sense. Although this game doesn't really feature a storyline or a specific plot, it does give you a sense that he is the evil force you must beat, and you must do it through puzzles. The game is well designed for hours upon hours of gameplay, though at a a certain point it becomes boring. Of course, many games have this aspect about them, so it's nothing to worry about.

Not only were the puzzles challenging and fun at the same time, but it gave you a feel for the NES in a new way. Never before were puzzles so brilliantly fused with the NES graphics and sounds. The levels somehow managed to suck you in, while to other players watching it may have seemed boring and dull. It was unique in the sense of how it managed to capture your interest, for at least a short period of time. Never before did people think of the NES as a system where they could solve puzzles daily, or try their hand at playing as a new character (although you never really controlled him). Not only that, but it was one of the NES's best ideas they had at the time. By 1994, the NES was in decline. The SNES had come out a while back, and it had better graphics, possible 3D games, and more intricate sounds. However, this game was one of the last great ones that the NES came out with. Why? Because of the idea it had to turn the NES into a puzzle system as well as an action/adventure/arcade system that it started out as. Sure, the puzzle slacked depth, there was no big story, and no real goal at the end. But ti did manage to let the NES shine one last time before it was lights out, and the glory was passed to the SNES and N64.

Wario's Woods may not seem like a big deal to others, but I had loads of fun playing this game, and I had a renewed appreciation for the NES. Even after it's glory days, it could still churn out a good game for all those to play. By this point in time, I thought that no more NES games could make my eyes pop out like some others nearly did, but Nintendo surprised me by making, quite possibly, the last game I would ever buy and like on the NES console.

Of course, this game isn't for everyone. If you don't like the Mario series, or if you don't like puzzles (especially endless amounts of them), then try another game instead. But for puzzle fans like myself, this game is worth a try. Just bear in mind that the graphics and sounds WILL be outdated compared to modern-day.

Overall, this game was decent, if not more. It was a great game for the NES and it really made it stand out again after losing some fame. Wario's Woods did lack depth though, so it wasn't revolutionary or anything. However, I still have a deep appreciation for what this game brought to the NES, and I had a great time playing it. This was definitely a game that I'm sad to say many people looked over.