Short but sweet Wario's Woods is a decent old school classic!

User Rating: 7 | Wario no Mori NES
Well heres Wolverine87aX's review of Wario's Woods!
Even though tgis games old its a pretty fun wario version of Doctor Mario! You "play" as Wario abd go through stages 1by1 in well " the woods" The gameplays pretty basic tetris style and as i said Doctor Mario style with the bad guys coming down to try and mess your way of playing up! The sounds pretty good even though it can get a bit repetitive I personally like it I rate it 7.5 I would rate the gameplay as a 6.0. As for the graphics i give them a 6.0. They are classic old school style nintendo graphics! :D who couldnt like that :P To be honest I played this in Animal Crossing for the gamecube which i love that theres NES games in there! But thats another story ;) So with that I give Wario's Woods a good old 7.0 Thats it for this review thank you guys for reading my reviews stay tuned for more coming shortly :D This may have been short but its a short game so what did you expect :P thanls again :)
~ Wolverine87aX