You'll spend more time drawing circles and stupid shapes in a vein attempt to save your life than anything else.

User Rating: 3 | Kaitou Wario the Seven DS

Wario has always been that fat greedy evil twin generic rip off of Mario with his famous zig-zag stach. With a face only a mother could love this character has developed a respectable fanbase. Most of Wario's best games that I remember of were on the Gameboy and one of them being on the Gameboy Advance which was Wario Land 4. Those games I enjoyed and I felt I misjudged Wario so I went looking for another Wario game to add to my collection. Sadly, I stumbled across this travesty of a game: Wario Master Of Disguise. This game is SO horrible I don't know where to begin! Don't let the cover art fool you kids because it fooled me! This game is just a big headache that will leave you frustrated, dissapointed, and with a stylus jammed through the touch screen! It's utter garbage and should have been recalled to avoid helpless people from buying it! Let's get on with bashing the game in my review!!!

Gameplay: Wario has stolen a wand from an infamous theif named Cannoli when he decided to invent a machine and jump into his T.V. show to steal his spotlight. The wand turns him into a master of disguise and so begins his quest for greed. Sure sounds like fun right? If you think so then you are sadly mistaken. I immediatly found out that this game has the most awkward controls and crappy touch screen interface! The whole first 5 minutes of me playing this game I wanted to break the stylus across Wario's fat head! The first costume I got was the astronaut costume and I spent a good 30 minutes drawing god damn circles in a vein attempt to use my ability. But it gets much worst later in the game! I got MORE costumes and was flustered to hell when I had to use them to fight Cannoli in a boss fight. All I got to say on that is how would you feel if you were backed into a corner while drawing circles to save your life??? Well it feels like you bought a crappy game wouldn't you agree? This game forces the stylus down your throat so far that you wouldn't bother coming back play it ever! From what I've seen at the start of playing this crappy game I am for certain this games conclusion will be just the same. Gameplay= crap.

Graphics: This game fails to have that charm I saw in Wario Land 1-4. Yes, I'm looking at you Suzak. This game has the worst level design I've seen for a DS game. Instead of going from point A to point B you are subjected to so many twisted paths and forks in the road that you will be lost and ready to give up. It's bad enough that I hate the art style and the walls of text full of lame jokes but most of all the hate goes to the crappy level design and uninteresting enemies that did the game in for me. Let not forget that crappy touch screen interface! Graphics= Lame.

Value: N/A. Unless you are a DIEHARD Wario fan steer clear of this piece of crap! Let it rot in used section. Value=worthless.

Overall: Thank God I didn't pay the release date price for this game. I didn't even have this game 2 days. It went right back to where it belonged which is far away from my DS! This game was possibly the worst DS game I ever played in my life. If you really love Wario get one of his games from the Gameboy era. This game I wouldn't even count as a Wario game because you'll spend more time drawing circles and stupid shapes in a vein attempt to save your life than anything else. Overall=a really REALLY bad game!

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