Had a lot of potential, but didn't use it.

User Rating: 5 | Kaitou Wario the Seven DS
This was actually one of the first games a got for my ds. I started playing it thinking it was going to be like Wario World 3 for the GB Color, which was amazing. It starts out fun and all until you have to use the stylus for pointless reasons. The costumes are one bad thing about this game. Sometimes you put in a command and it changes into something very different. This becomes very annoying. Another thing, useless powers. The only power i really liked is the spaceman with the laser. If they would have made the gameplay better, it would of been a cool game. The stroy isn't all that great either. If they would of just looked at previous Wario Worlds, and made it like that, i would like it. The way it is now, i dont. After playing it for like 10 hours and wasting my money on it, i just gave up. It felt like i was forceing myself to play it and enjoy it.